Double sided dish in Carrara marble questions importance of tableware and its impact on everyday routine of eating in a life of a person who lives alone. This concept gives this piece its name.

The idea is to combine two main types of dish into one and offer an alternative to have one instead of few. Selection of material and manufacturing process tries to make handmade quality design objects more available for general public and get it to the heart of everyday living.

Design is executed in four sizes of 25, 20, 15 and 10 centimeters in diameter to give an overall feel of industrial manufacturing and quality. It gives a broader ability to adopt the design for a variety of uses and occasions but it is made-to-order and hand finished.

Block of marble is CNC drilled and hand finished with polished surface of active areas for durability and ease of use.

One must make a certain commitment when choosing this piece to supersede all the tableware around the house. It offers an exciting experience and transforms the habits and the spirit of everyday living.

All the features mentioned creates an added value for the object itself which could be passed on as a legacy of its owner.

For those who would be unsure of such commitment, For One II offers a cheaper and more flexible alternative with the same unconditional feel of transformative utopia and quality.